Essay on The General Turn : Quantified Neuro Behaviourism

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In this essay I plan to discuss the general turn to quantified neuro-behaviourism, particularly its combination of abstracted empiricism and psychologism, as it seeks to forge a ‘Grand Theory’ of the social sciences from the mind and its genetic basis and then apply this model in matters of governance. Accordingly, I want to consider the ideological assumptions that underwrite a series of turns occurring in a broad range of fields, including behavioural economics, cognitive science, evolutionary psychology and information systems as well as elements within artificial intelligence research. To their credit, proponents and practitioners in these disciplines rightly do think that cognitive findings—when put in their social, historical, and comparative context—are truly illuminating. Nonetheless, I argue that they fall foul of cognitive behaviourism because they have a weak and unsustainable theory of the mind. My inquiry considers the ramifications of these paradigms as they have sought to integrate with one another based upon several common commitments to a kind of computational economy in the brain, and that once understood, can be replicated in information systems, but can also explain historical and social development by referring to the brain. Indeed, despite these diverse elements, I argue that they are manifestations of a definable core. I argue that these disciplines share strong claims are over-interpretations of small evidence and reflect more the prevailing…

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