Ideology Of Marriage

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When I grew up my father was employed out of home, and my mom tended to the household. That meant that not only the housekeeping but taking primary responsibility for the children upbringing. We were just another traditional family in Mexico, but in 2014 my family moved to the United States and everything changed. Our economic status was not good enough to cover all of our necessities, and mom had to start working. Now everything in the family is different, the household responsibilities are shared between my parents, but still not equally at all, as my mother has a lot more responsibilities than my dad does. My grandparents saw this as a wrong way to deal with marriage, they said that my parents were not following the ideology of traditional …show more content…
The wife had to be responsible for child-rearing and household chores, in order to facilitate her husband 's success outside the home. According to the book Gender Roles in Marriage by Heidi Boom this type of marriage is consider the "Traditional home-maker/breadwinner marriage" where the husband is the financial provider of the home and can sustain enough income to allow the wife to stay at home, and provide the domestic needs of the family, such as housework, and raising …show more content…
In my personal experience I think my parents are part of the "mixed type" of marriage, because my father still be the head of the house and still be the breadwinner, but my parents have equal roles with the housework which it gives to my mom more opportunity to work outside the home.
Not only the way of marriage have been changed throughout the time, the stereotypes of men and women had changed as well. In the past men and women had a specific stereotype of what to expect from each other in order to get married. For men, the woman should be a good cook, and housekeeper, while for the women a man should be a good provider. I think this still be part of what men and women are looking for when they want to have a marriage

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