The Game Of The Football Game Essay

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The Football Game
The crowd was roaring and jubilantly jumping from the intersection that just transpired against TCU. Everyone was ecstatic as students waved their white towels and cheered on our team. The smell of donuts and popcorn filled the air as the game heated up. Waves of yellow and dark red filled the stadium as we composed a Gopher nation. Thousands of people cheered on the Gophers as we went up against the second best college football team, TCU.
Then the crowd commenced to lose hope as the gap widened to three to twenty-three during the third quarter. The people started to get tired, so my friends and I sat down to recover. Suddenly, an exasperated boy two benches behind us yelled, “Hey! Stand up. This is a game, not mosque.” At first we didn’t think much of it, but he kept yelling. As my friends and I looked around us, we understood that the guy was pointing at us. This boy looked to be about a junior in college, with his scrabbled beard and beet-red face. We were surprised and shocked; it felt like a horror film. I wondered why he was doing that to us? I felt mortified and exasperated at the same time due to the attention that the guy was drawing to us. The moment he began to yell, the crowd around us went silent and anticipated what we would do. My friends and I decided the best reaction was to not give one at all. As I looked back, I optically discerned the sympathy on some people’s faces, while others eagerly awaited what was going to occur next. It seemed…

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