Essay on The Game Of The Basketball Games

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This game was one of the biggest basketball games of the season. The gym was packed with people. We were playing Royal High School, like us they were 3-0 in conference at the time. A win would set us on top with a one game lead in the conference race. We knew that it was going to be tough because they were a fairly good team, that had a couple really good players. Yes those two players were good, but they didn’t always play clean and fair, as we knew from playing them the season before. We were still confident we could win if we shut down those two player and we played smart, as a team.
The game started, the score was back and forth us leading and then them. They put on there full court press right from the beginning, so we knew they were serious and hungry for the win. We took it right to them, trying to get their best players in foul trouble. We went on roll of scoring, five straight hoops, so they were forced to call their first timeout with forty-five seconds left in the first quarter. After the timeout they came out in a box and one, which is four players in zone defense formation, in a box shape, just outside the lane and the other defender is in total deny defense against one specific offender to try and keep the ball away from them. I was the one they were in total denial on, so they were all over me not letting me do anything. The first quarter buzzer went off, we were up by four as we headed over to our bench.
Our coach told us to come out playing the second…

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