Essay about The Future Of Alternative Energy Sources

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The Future of Alternative Energy Sources Today when great progress is being made in our civilization, energy is the key to holding everything together. We need energy for things in domestic life, agriculture, industry and transportation. Since the creation of the first oil drill in 1859 by George Bissell and Edwin L. Drake, America has continuously used fossil fuels as its primary energy source. As our population grows, as more buildings are being constructed, as more cars are being driven, fossil fuels are slowly running out. Alternative energy sources are a reliable choice because with our technology they can replace fossil fuel to create a renewable energy source, they can help run our world forever, and they can help the environment.

Together Mark Z. Jacobson of Stanford and Mark Deluchi of the University of California have constructed a plan where by 2050 we could have a world run primarily on renewable energy sources. Their plan suggests using solar power, wind and water energy. Around 90% would be run by solar and wind energy, and the rest by geothermal, hydroelectric, and tidal power. We would have transportation run by electric and fuel cells, and homes heated with electric heaters. With this plan we could eliminate nonrenewable energy sources from our environment and power our world efficiently without worrying about every running out.

Fossil fuels have run our nation for years, from heating homes to powering factories. The problem is that it is limited and we…

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