Essay on The Funeral Of My Father

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It is incredible to imagine how quickly your life can change. In a twinkling of an eye all could be destroy and lost in the past, with a choice that we have to make in order to change our future.

Today is the funeral of my father, the person I love the most, the most important man in my life. In the morning when I woke up anything looks different, it was a normal day with a sad gray sky as Lima normally has. But for me something disappeared, a piece of my heart was broken, the person who used to tell me stories at night and hug me when I was afraid was gone.

When my mom enter to my room I was staring at the window. She told me to change my clothes and, with the pain of her soul, told me to get ready to go to the funeral. In the funeral there was a strong feeling of lost, sadness and hopelessness. The next months, the depression come to my way, my mother was not present and my cancer was making me fall again.

During my whole life I always wanted to make a change in a way, I want to help someone, I want to change my future and make my life a happy story with a beautiful happy and satisfactory ending.

My greatest fear came and it scare me so much, the leukemia was back. In the next day’s my mom take me to my second home the Neoplasia’s Hospital. As always they give me the most beautiful room, the one that has view to the street and to the games that were at the first floor.

That same day the doctors start treating me as usual. I hate the chemotherapy, but the only way…

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