The Functions Of Operations Management Essay

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1. What are the main functions of operations management? (10 points)

The main functions of operations management are marketing, finance, human resources, and operations. It plans, organizes, coordinates, and controls the resources needed to produced the company’s goods and services.

2. While watching the FedEx video what aspect of operations management became more clear to you? (10 points).

How important logistics are for FedEx. As well as deadlines because of how if one person was late delivering a package it could throw off the entire time line. Also how important the control center was for their aircrafts, so they made sure that the aircrafts were flying to the right places and on time. 3. How does operations management differ from general management? (10 points)

The roles and responsibility of an operations management are similar to that of a General Manager in many ways. Although operations management works in tandem with the finance department, human resource department, accounts department and many other such departments within the company. They maintain discipline among the employees and motivate them to improve their output.
General managers are necessary in every business and every industry. They are a part of a lot of activities in the business, such as the operations of the business. Administrative services, human resources, operations, policies and procedures and accounts are just some areas where general managers are directly or indirectly involved.…

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