Essay on The French Revolution And The Revolution

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The French Revolution led to the end of the monarchical system which had governed France and eventually the country was declared a Republic. After the execution of Louis XVI a debate ensued over how best to govern and stabilize the newly minted Republic. It was clear to the revolutionary leaders that creating a balance of power and enforcing the revolution’s principles of ‘liberty, fraternity and equality’ were pivotal to France’s reconstruction. Eventually, power was given to a twelve-member committee of Public Safety (CPS). The Committee of Public Safety, as it became known, constituted what historians call France’s Radical Republic. The policies initially set forth by the Radical Republic attempted to fulfill the principles of ‘liberty, fraternity and equality’ by ensuring that citizen rights were upheld and that those who were wealthy could not exploit the poor. However, over time many of those invested in the revolution such as Maximilien Robespierre believed that a period of state sanctioned terror was necessary to enact these policies/laws. In doing so, these men believed that striking fear and disposing of all those who did not completely support their revolutionary ideas would make it easier to realize their own vision of a new French Republic. The Manifesto of the Enrages was one of the first propositions to be brought forth and in this document there was a demand that there needed to be strict economic barriers and punishments imposed on the rich, hoarders and…

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