How Did The French Revolution Dbq

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In order to have democracy foundation, there has to be political, economic and social forces to overthrow the king and develop a new form of government. Therefore, democracy would change the social status and built equality between the three estates. Since France created the new democracy, it also originated nationalism. The revolution changed the economy by having financial difficulties and caused the influence of the American Revolution. From the beginning of world history, the french revolution was one of the most significants events: since it developed a democracy for the world to follow. France generated a hierarchy that included three separated divisions, these were known as estates. There was the clergy as the first estate, nobility as the second estate and bourgeoisie as the third estate. In addition “the third estate is the people and the people is the foundation of the state, nobles and clergy are …show more content…
A democracy would lead to social and political equality since everyone would have the right to vote and everyone would have the right to run for president. A democracy states that, “Men are born and remained free and equal in rights, social distinctions can be established only to the common benefit” (Document C). The Nacional assembly consisted of the third estate themselves which led to political equality since not only the rich made up the political system but all people did. The revolutionary assembly was formed by representatives by third estate. They made a constitution of their rights. Document C also states that, “Any society in which guarantees of rights are not assured nor the separation of powers determined has no constitution”. The tennis court Oath was a pledge made by the members by the national assembly where they vowed to continue meeting until they had drawn up a new constitution. The democracy was made for the world to

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