The French Revolution And The American Revolution Essay

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Starting off with the bottom class individuals. I would prefer to be in the French revolution if I was part of the lower class. Although famine, taxes, and inflation were negative externalities of the Revolution, I feel the formation of the new form of government from Third Estate was a history changing revolution to be a part of. They created a document that reflected the rights of every individual, not just the nobility. They earned their freedom and as Locke said, “the government’s purpose is to serve the people, if they fail to do so, the people can abolish the government”. This is exactly what the Bourgeoisie did and it gave the lower class a feeling off equal rights now that they created a document that reflects their interests. I would not want to be part of the American Revolution as a lower class individual simply because the majority of the lower class were slaves and they were not “legally” free till after the civil war, which was 82 years later! I would have been dead by then, so I would much rather participate in creating the new government where I had a say! My classmates agreed on my choice between the two. We all three found common ground when comparing the pros and cons of each revolution to the lower class and found it would be more honorable to create new declaration over returning back to slavery.

Now if I were a woman, I would have preferred to be in the American Revolution. The French had a different view of woman than the American’s. The French…

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