The Freedom Of Speech Is A Cornerstone Of The Bill Of Rights And The American System Of Government

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The right to freedom of speech is a cornerstone of the Bill of Rights and the American system of government, but this freedom is not without limits. Discuss.

The Bill of Rights was drafted by James Madison. It was inspired however by Thomas Jefferson. Originally it was a draft of rights that were to protect the colonist’s rights against the newly formed government of America. The colonist’s believed that some kind of guarantee was necessary to protect their new found freedoms, which included the right to free speech, freedom of religious practice, freedom of the press to print their ideas and beliefs, and their right to be free from warrantless searches and seizure of property by the government. They had just won a war against England over these same issues and were bound to not have these issues interfere with their lives ever again. This new found protection of an individual’s rights were not what they seemed though. The people believed that it was not the governments place to tell them how to live their lives, what they could or couldn’t say in the press, or how they could worship. They believed that they had certain unalienable rights granted to them by their creator that no government could take away. This belief was very strong in the colonies at the time. However, since its induction the Bill of Rights has been tested since it came into force. James Madison believed that these natural rights were, “the great rights of mankind”,…

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