The Freedom Of Speech For College Campuses Essay

800 Words Nov 16th, 2016 4 Pages
The first amendment, “The Freedom of Speech”, adopted in 1791 gave people the right to voice concerns or opinions, peaceably assemble and to petition the government. This amendment is one of the most important in the Constitution allowing society free expression of oneself allowing the voices of the country to promote growth. There are arguments of the freedom being abused and taken for granted to belittle others for their race, disabilities or ethnicity. Slandering of people or groups publicly via verbal or media in any way is no longer tolerated. The laws of discrimination and harassments are limitations of individual expressions or opinions verbally and in media messages.
College campuses and workplaces are responsible to keep a stable and safe environment, with that comes policies and regulations. College campuses will create their regulations and policies that define the limitations of voicing one’s opinions both verbally and with media (e.g. internet or email). College campuses must make sure the safety of the students is established when clubs or organizations display peaceful demonstrations or club gatherings. College campuses must have all postings of demonstrations or club meetings approved by the college before posting. Security on campuses help keep the demonstrations from escalating into violence. The workplace works very similar with posting anything non-related to the workplace and implementing their own policies of conduct on social media networks to assure…

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