The Fourteenth Amendment And The United States Constitution Essay

1490 Words Dec 7th, 2014 null Page
The thirteenth amendment to the United States Constitution changed our nation in a radical way. During the previous years, a path was carved to make way for a movement that would abolish slavery and change the United States’ culture. This amendment is a crucial and intriguing part of the Constitution, in fact- its original purpose was not to abolish slavery. The thirteenth amendment that was first passed in February of 1861 was to ensure that slavery would remain legal in the states. So, why did the original thirteenth amendment completely reverse its meaning? Many people debate that the true cause of the Civil War was slavery. Was it true that our nation was divided over a topic so, strongly, that it took thousands of people to give up their lives in order to see change? The original United States Constitution that was written in 1789 protected slavery. All of the original thirteen colonies condemned slavery as a legal action. It was truly a way of life, that not many people had any intentions of changing. Eventually the three fifths compromise gave African-Americans a right to be counted for, to be treated like an actual person and not as property. Slaves could be counted as three fifths of a person in order for their states to receive correct representation in the government. Earlier groundwork was laid down in order for the thirteenth amendment to be what it is today. However, the path to get to this point in history had its positive and negative effects. March of…

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