Essay about The Four Major Functions Of Management

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Introduction to the Topic This week’s reading provided an introduction and insight into three of the four major functions of management. Planning, leading, controlling, and organizing are important functions for managers. The manager’s overall effectiveness in leading these functions is directly correlated to the organization’s attainment of desired results. The manager’s effectiveness can either hinder or propel the organization in executing the intended strategy in conjunction with obtaining the desired results. According to Satterlee (2013), the distinct functions of planning, controlling, and organizing is equally important, and the success of the organization relies on the implementation of the different functions into the corporation.
Three Concepts Planning, organizing and controlling are the three most important concepts learned from the readings this week. These concepts are considered universal, and regardless of the type of organization, all managers perform these distinct functions throughout the course of their jobs (Satterlee, 2013). The success of any organization relies on the manager’s ability to plan, organize, and control the activities of the department and the activity of the followers. Managers are required to understand current realities and future uncertainties for carrying out a plan. With a plan in place, managers then organize to implement the plan. Controlling is the final function used to measure and revise activities, if needed, to…

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