The Four Basic Management Functions Essay

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1. Identify and briefly explain the four basic management functions in organizations?

The four basic activities that management comprises are controlling, planning, and Decision making, leading, and organizing. Managers associate this activity to work with human, financial, physical and information resources, combining them with the purpose that they work effectively and efficiently. These resources combine with the purpose of achieving a goal in any organization where managers implement them. Planning and decision making are functions that manager applies in order to determinate goals can be organization and setting to accomplish a goal taking the best decision an alternative. Organizing managers integrate activities and resources with the idea to obtain a goal. Leading managers play the role motivating and advising people in order to achieve a goal. Controlling manager control and evaluate the progress toward a goal attainment.

2. Briefly describe the ten managerial roles described by Henry Minzberg and give an example of each.
Managerial role is divided into three categories interpersonal, informational, and decisional that are classified into different roles. Interpersonal: role classifies into three roles that are related to the integration and communication of people inside the business or outside the business. •Figurehead can be the president of a company who represent in a television conference or that company in a business meeting. These activities are more…

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