The Foundations Of Measurement Course Essay

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EDF 6460 Foundations of Measurement
The Foundations of Measurement course’s purpose is to educate future leaders on data assessments and areas in need of improvement based off of data. This course dove into the importance of ethics within the educational system, formative and summative assessment, and the analysis of comparing data. Through this course, I was able to complete the online certification from the National Institute of Health Office of Extramural Research.
As a future leader, data analysis is an important component to the educational atmosphere. This course allowed me to analyze different classroom data, compare and contrast the data, and create implementations or accommodations to help close the achievement gap between classes. Education revolves around closing the achievement gap between students in the school system; this course allowed me to get an understanding of how to analyze and compare assessment data.
Another key component this course taught is the importance of using and tracking summative and formative assessments. Along with the assessments, this course taught the importance of reliability and validity. Teachers need continuous professional development to ensure the correct use of formative and summative assignments in the classroom. Analyzing the data allows for teachers and leaders to evaluate and adapt classroom instruction around the needs of the children. This course will help me as a future administrator in the fact that I have already…

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