The Forgotten Voice : The Importance Of Reproductive Justice For Women

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The Forgotten Voice: The Importance of Reproductive Justice for Women of Color and Other Unrepresented Groups
The desire to conceive and start a family is a fundamental right for any woman within any region of the world. The right and ability to have children is defined by reproductive justice, which connects basic human rights, health, and sexuality to reproductive health issues concerning women, families, and communities of color. Reproductive justice stems from the issues that women of color face when they experience unexpected pregnancies, attempt to start a family, or when seeking abortive procedures/ family planning services (assessing how many children a family can afford to have and raise). However, radical-right wing republican governments choose to marginalize women of color and other women who are unable to receive necessary reproductive health resources, which include those of low economic status (specifically among minorities) and the disabled. Therefore, the need for reproductive justice is integral for the voices of disenfranchised groups to take control over their reproductive decisions. Throughout this paper, I will define and elaborate on the main principles of the Reproductive Justice movement, the ways in which women are marginalized in terms of their reproductive health, and lastly how efforts made by the Pro-Choice movement continue to silence the voices of women of color, the disabled and women of low- economic status.
Reproductive justice is a recent…

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