The For Accurate And Understandable Information Within The Context Of The Current Technological Environment

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Looking for accurate and understandable information within the context of the current technological environment is overwhelming given the amount of data available on any given subject. In particular, navigating “scholarly” information can be a major dilemma for the layperson. Indeed, not all information is created equally, nor should all information be considered accurate simply because it is “scholarly”. As publication standards drop, and as journals start out, non- exemplary publications can slip by even in the most assumed scholarly of journals thus, muddling the pool of scholarly information that is available. To help clarify the issue with navigating quality information, I attempted to find information on the following question: How do advocates of "pure" Ayurveda reconcile with (or argue against) scientific resistance from Indians who are trained in traditional Western medicine? I then assed the quality of that information, as well as deciphering which information would be valuable to help answer this question from a lay person’s perspective.
The first source I discovered to help clarify this question was “Building Bridges between Ayurveda and Modern Science.” by Sanjeev Rastogi. This article was published in the International Journal of Ayurvedic medicine, which describes itself as “An international peer reviewed online open access journal. It is intended for the publication of original research articles in the field of Ayurveda and other allied systems of medicine.”…

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