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Run, Run, Run
Run, Run, Run

[Chorus - Fat Lip and No Came]

Can’t keep runnin’ away
Can’t keep runnin’ away
(and not keep struggling and not keep holding back today)
Can’t keep runnin’ away
Can’t keep runnin’ away

Verse 1 [No Came]

Running away from the fact in 2008 for robbery I could have got that drug dealer off
He was only 24, Thomas Cahill, clean record, releasing catchy singles, career could’ve popped off
Running from too young learning to aim a gun and placing the pad on the wrong finger
Running away from when I had to show up in court to defend for a theft, showed the wrong demeanor
Running away from personal problems of being impulsive, always blaspheming
Running away from at age from at the Maxway trying to steal the Nike Oscillate sneakers
Running away from not telling All Out G’s son Isaac that in spades 500 points is common
Apologize for not telling him that the players must follow suit
Sorry and indignant of myself for not telling IllTime’s son Ralph to stack up his cards in war
Running away from being a disbeliever and saying this girl couldn’t finish college
She was my friend and we went to lunch together but I did not think she was not that smart
Running away from messing up many things, getting confused, and gettin caught up on my first job
Running away from needing excuses, handouts, and pardons to stay in favor with my boss
Running away from not buying Cold Heat’s Son Antonio a toy car

[Chorus - Fat Lip and No Came]

Can’t keep runnin’…

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