The Flag Is A Symbol Of Our Freedom Essay example

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Many people in today’s society have different views on the American Flag. Some individuals have lost all respect for the flag. Others still carry out the utmost respect for the flag. In recent times, some have started burning the flag. This is the most disrespectful thing that can be done to a flag. The burning of the American flag out of disrespect should never be done. The American flag is a symbol of our freedom. However, not all citizens of American or the world have the view that the flag should be flown with pride.
The ones that are burning the American flag feel that they are justified in their actions. They may think that it is ok to burn the flag because they are offended by the events that are going on. Individuals that burn the flag may feel disrespected, hurt, opposed to current events, or do not realize the importance of the flag. Recently on Facebook, there have been many videos of such individuals burning flags and trampling them while they are burning. These people are merely acting out for attention as well as internet “fame”. The people that are burning the flag feel as if they are getting back at the government. During the draft for the Vietnam war, the ones that ended up being drafted would burn their draft cards because they thought the draft was unjust. They may not have believed in the draft so they would burn them in protest of the Vietnam war. In the same manner, those burning flags may be doing so in protest. Some even think that by burning the…

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