Essay On Why Johnson Burned The Flag

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Some people would say that it would be a bad thing to treat the flag with disrespect and others would agree but not agree. This is all because of Johnson that burnt the United States flag in the state of Texas in a public place. I agree, that it was wrong for Johnson to burn the flag because it is the flag that symbolizes unity and freedom and to do that to it. It was also wrong because it was in a public place. But if some people would agree with Johnson because they believe that it was his freedom of speech. The reason that the court couldn’t do anything was that it was the First Amendment.
It was wrong that Johnson burnt the flag and that it means freedom and symbolizes unity and to do this it means that Johnson wouldn’t have cared that people died serving in the army. Even if he would have known that he is still disrespected to the men and the families that lost them. He should have thought of an
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It could have caused harms to others, and this could have started a strike or riot because this could have upset some people and causing this outcome. If he did it somewhere else, he could have done it around any place that could cause harm and that could harm nature. He was lucky that nobody stood up and took action against that. Therefore, he shouldn’t have done it in a public place.
The reason why he wasn’t punished and was let free, is because the judges thought it was bad but people thought it was his freedom of speech and the judges couldn’t go against the first amendment. But they did everything they could to put him away for burning the flag. But they couldn’t so they let him go. Johnson should have got some time in jail at least and told that it was wrong for him to do anything to the United States flag. So even if he got in trouble and that nothing should happen like that without taking in account. He should have got some time or got into some kind of

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