The Five Strategies Of The Five Methods Of Conflict In Relationships

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“Relationships don’t always run smoothly” (Trenholm, 151). With all the relationships we have with other people around us, conflict is inevitable to avoid. If conflict is managed successfully, then it can strengthen the relationship, but if conflict is not managed successfully, it can also lead a relationship to the end. Conflict occurs “whenever two (interdependent) people have incompatible goals”, scarce rewards, and also interference from the other person in order to achieve his or her goals (Trenholm, 151). When dealing with conflict, people will have their preferred way of handling conflict, this is also known as the conflict style. There are five strategies mentioned in the textbook of conflict style: withdrawing, forcing, accommodating, …show more content…
At the same time, she does not want to upset Hye-jin because she knows that Hye-jin really likes Sung-joon. One day, Hye-jin sees a letter on her best friend’s desk, which is a love letter that her best friend is planning to give to Sung-joon. Hye-jin is really upset about this, but she does not want to confront her best friend. In this scene, Hye-jin chooses to withdraw from the conflict, which means that when she senses the conflict, she “walk away or change the subject” (Trenholm, 151). When withdrawing from a conflict, it can have either positive or negative affect because if the conflict can cause a “dangerous escalation”, then it is better to withdraw. If the conflict does not cause any dangerous, they it might lead to an end of a relationship. The other conflict the characters encountered in the TV drama is when Hye-jin is at work, people judge her based on her appearance and ask her to extra works so they can get off work earlier. One time, Hye-jin got into a talk flight with one of the girl from the office because she wants Hye-jin to help her. Hye-jin does not know anything about the thing she was doing, so the girl got really mad at her. This time, Hye-jin does not choose to withdraw from the conflict. She is trying to solve the problem, so both of them can work peacefully. Problem solving means, “negotiating until

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