The Five Pillars Of Islam Essay example

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The Muslim religion consists of many practices and obligations for their people to live a responsible life while living for Allah. One of the major practices of Muslims is following The Five Pillars of Islam. Many Muslims believe that if you don’t put these practices into action, then life is practically pointless. The Five Pillars shows if Muslims put their faith or real life as their main priority. The Five Pillars of Islam plays a huge role in the religion and is essential to live a life following Islam. The Five Pillars consists of Salat, Shahadah, Hajj, Sawm, and Zakat. Salat requires Muslims to perform the ritual prayer at least five times a day. The Shahadah is the profession of the Muslim faith. The Hajji is the traditional pilgrimage to Mecca also known as the Holy Land for Muslims. Sawm is another name for fasting during the month of Ramadan, and Zakat is the paying of alms to the aid the poor people. Practicing these different tenets of Islam is the way of living essentially a Holy life. The Shahadah is one of the pillars that Muslims put a lot of emphasis on and is at the top of all the five pillars. It is the testimony of the faith of Islam and sums up the monotheistic belief of Muslims. To follow this Pillar, you must believe that there is one god Allah and the prophet Muhammad. According to Dr. Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis, “The Profession of Faith, the Shahada, is the most fundamental expression of Islamic beliefs. It simply states that ‘There is no God but…

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