Muslim Culture

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The Life of a Muslim American
Prior to September 11th, 2001, the Muslim citizens of the United States of America lived amongst the population and blended well just as other people of different religions. However, after the attacks, the perception of the Muslim culture changed drastically. The 9/11 attacks shaped the United States view of the Islamic religion and influenced the treatment of the Muslim American citizens. Islam today in the United States of America has become a widely condemned belief that it is viewed as violent and a radical religion that causes acts of terrorism.
In order to form am moderate an educated opinion about the Muslim culture, it is important for Americans to understand the practices of the Islamic religion. A common
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Sheler (2001) describes that these rules are clearly stated in the Holy Quran, which is believed to have been passed on from the prophet Muhammed (POUH). The Five Pillars include the following: a declared belief that "there is no God but ALLAH the mighty and Muhammad (POUH) is the prophet. Praying five times a day. Fasting the month of Ramadan. Zakat (charity money donation) ,and pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca once in lifetime. Muslims must eat Halal foods (The Islamic version of Kosher). They cannot consume pork, do drugs, and drink alcohol. It is important to mention that Muslims must refrain from premarital sex, as well as many other things such as gossiping, stealing, and lying. While the Five Pillars are still prominent in the Muslim American culture, the degree of involvement and radicalization is more of a personal choice in the United States. This can be associated with the degree of exposure to the American culture and …show more content…
The majority of American Moslems are moderate and they do not want to contribute in any kind of harm or terror. They want to be a free American Patriot spirit and be active participants and productive members in a civilized society. Their involvement in the civic life can alter the thoughts about Islam, Moslems and shed light on its value, peace, and dignity. Finally, I believe that this task is not easy but can be accomplished by giving the American Moslem the opportunity to show and prove the real peaceful face of Islam far away from being marginalized and judged unthoughtfully and

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