The Five Paragraphs : Limiting Creativity Essay

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All three articles had some similarities; such as, all of them pushed and encouraged creativity. For instance, on the article, unteaching the five-paragraph essay, the author argues that the five paragraphs was limiting creativity. The reason is because a lot of students will stop thinking about their topic after having three ideas (Foley, 1989). Therefore, they should stop teaching the five-paragraph essay and stop the limitations. Furthermore, on Shitty first drafts, the author also encourages creativity. For example, the author suggests that one as a writer should just freewrite and write down whatever one is thinking and It does not matter if it sounds weird. LaMott believes that you should write everything down and once you are done writing down every idead down. One can go back and edit the draft and move certain phrases around, along with deleting and combining other sentences to create a new draft. This technique also falls into creativity because one you’re not limiting yourself to a certain agenda or topic. Secondly, by free writing you might be able to come up with an idea, which might have not been seen as logical or fitting to the topic. Lastly, Shitty first drafts and the article exploratory writing strategies are both very similar. Exploratory writing strategies, also encourages one to free write. However, in this case, they also suggest timing yourself “5 to 10 minutes when free writing” (Pica). Along with doing some mapping before one prewrite’s.…

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