The Five Messages Leaders Must Manage Essays

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Subject: Reading Response for "The Five Messages Leaders Must Manage."
“The five messages leaders must manage” is not a revelation, they are five common sense categories of running a business, with a modern approach to managing as solutions. John Hamm has observed first hand leaders struggle with running a company. John details both a bad and good examples of how a leader can approach each of the five messages. Not much is really discussed about the mechanics of communication, rather a specific attitude is outlined in the piece. It appears from the many years of John Hamm’s experience is that it’s hubris that should be avoided by leaders, and that a leader needs to be more of a humble team player than a strong omnipotent captain.
Be clear and concise
Uncertainty is death in business, and it is hell if you are an employee. This is quite a challenge if you are a leader and need to have your directives attended to in a timely manner. If a leader vacillates while they consider the best way to frame their message or roll out their plan, they add time and create a gap, that their reports will fill in with their worst fears. A leader should not simply dictate messages with the assumption that all who are listening are on the same page. Such a leader exposes a company to having several interpretations of the same massage driving the business in several directions. This can have terrible consequences on moral and productivity if the wrong idea begins to take root.
It’s not all…

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