The Five Characteristics Of Culture

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Register to read the introduction… The five characteristics of culture are as follows: beliefs, diversity, customs, behaviors, and artefacts or history. Beliefs of a society can include religion, or spirituality, and even folklore or legends; brought back from generation to generation. Diversity includes language, ethnic groups and the differences they bring. Customs like traditions passed on; such as the Native American Indians living off the land and living with nature. Next is the behaviors of a society hold cultural roots close; such things like our society calls taboo, other call it tradition or a way of life. Finally, the history of a society, with precious primitive artefacts, which allows that society to look at their ancestors, and the outside world to see the culture that it came to be. “When societies come together they converse with each other in ways according to cultural traditions.” (Abazov, 1). Succeeding to Kazakhstan’s culture characteristics and cultural identity; this includes the Kazakh people, and the nomadic society that still lives there this …show more content…
The etiquette is customary to the people of that country, and to show any sort of disrespect according them; it is highly frowned upon. For example, never use the “thumbs up” when in Kazakhstan since it is an insulting gesture to the society (Coleman 164). To finalize the exploration in the cultural awareness of Kazakhstan, although the primitive customs of the country, there is a larger part of the population that has grown accustomed to a more technological society. Still with a large agricultural background the country also participates in sports from boxing to wrestling, and track and field amongst so many others; participating in the Olympic winter games in 2011 (National

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