Essay about The First Type Of Anxiety

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The first type of anxiety I felt was trait anxiety. I had never climbed before in my life prior to this class. In addition to having no prior experience with climbing I am scared of heights. I felt anxiety as soon as it was announced that we would be climbing the rock wall. I was very uneasy in the days leading up to our first climb. The second form of anxiety I felt was state anxiety. As soon as I started to climb I felt the feeling of dread rise up within me. When I first started climbing I could feel the butterfly’s building up in the pit of my stomach. My physiological anxiety did not kick in until I actually started to climb. My muscles were tensed do to the stress I was experiencing. My hands were a little unsteady compared to what they usually are. Rock climbing was a completely new experience for me, because it was new I found myself using muscles I would not use on an everyday basis. As I progressed up the wall rather than gaining confidence in my ability, I became more and more fearful of falling. Finally I reached the top and my heart dropped as I realized I was going to have to fall back down. I knew the auto-belie would catch me, but that didn’t stop me from creating hypothetical situations in which I would fall. It felt like I fell for ever, but in reality I know it was around half a second before the auto-belie did its job of taking me down to the ground. Psychologically I was focusing more on not falling than the aspects of climbing…

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