Essay on The First President Of The United States

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Justin was the first to wake up and he silently turned on the television set. He knew as if by instinct that the election results would be in, and he knew well before the commercial break ended that they would be leaving soon, as Marine 1 came in for a landing.

“With 98% of Precincts Reporting, The first President elected by majority vote was chosen. With nearly 94% of the overall vote, Johnson was duly elected to serve as the next president of the United States. Alaska just reported in, along with some northern states, 100% of the Precincts are Reporting. With 94% of the popular vote, Governor Mitch Johnson, will be the next president of the United States.” The news reporter dralled, obviously overtired from a night of campaign coverage

“Archer, Arrcher. Arrrcher.” Justin said, gently shaking his boyfriends arm.

“What?” “You 're going to want to see this.” Justin said, providing an arm for which Archer could pull on. The sat up in bed and Justin turned the TV Volume up.

“We go now live to the oval office, were Governor Johnson is taking his oath of office. The Secret Service announced that a public ceremony would be held as soon as the situation on capitol hill was considered stable.”

The screen showed Archer’s Mom and Dad, standing on the oval carpeting, with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court joining them. All the pictures of the former president and his family were gone, as were all of the personal possessions that made this office his.

The Chief…

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