Andrew Jackson Dbq Analysis

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Before the presidency of Andrew Jackson, the U.S was in a war with the British. Jackson as a general went in a Battle of Horseshoe Bend and defeated the creeks and Red Sticks Indian tribe which cleared Alabama for white settlement, he continued to fight without knowing that the war ended and ultimately defeated the English at the Battle of New Orleans, which made Andrew Jackson a national hero, and people nominating him for the election of 1824. Andrew Jackson was the first man to be elected from Tennessee. The common people viewed Andrew Jackson as an excellent model of a president because he established free qualification, in which the “land requirement” vanished, allowing many poor white men to vote which had reached to a great extent in …show more content…
He declared that "In a country where offices are created solely for the benefit of the people no one man has any more intrinsic right to official station than another.” Jackson believed that this would stop the corrupt bureaucracy. He feared of “a father to son succession” in the office; therefore, more than twenty percent of people in office were removed. On the other side, however, Jackson’s supporters pleased by the patronage system in which he appointed his friends in office. In Document six, Jackson passed a letter concerning office about governments and appointing. Offices are created for the benefit of people. He was forced to make partisan appointments regarding of his opposing to it. This marked an era of the end in public ethics. His enemies formed a group of what is known as the Whigs and portrayed Andrew Jackson as a king not a president because of how used all the vetoes. As shown in document three, Jackson is shown as a king stepping on the constitution of the United States of America and the country. He is also shown as a monarch because he was an abuser to the presidential

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