The First President Of Metropolitan Museum Of Art Essay

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Max: It is my pleasure, on a somewhat more serious note, to introduce my friend and my trustee, Dan Weiss, President of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is a tribute to Dan that he is here; imagine having just been President for a few weeks. I am only guessing that you have 100 emails already this morning. That he took time out this morning is a wonderful thing and we are all grateful for that. It’s also a wonderful thing to become before Winston Tabb. How many people have ever come before Winston Tabb?

Male Speaker 2: Dan Weiss.

Max: Dan Weiss, apparently. So, we have two wonderful keynote speaker and looking forward to hearing both of them. Dan, as I mentioned, is the fifth President of Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is an interesting art historian, and for many years, he was a medievalist in the art history department, chairman, and then Dean of Art and Sciences at John Hopkins, where I think he probably overlapped with Winston for a while, and left to become a Liberal Arts College President, first at Lafayette College and most recently at Haverford College.

I will never forget talking to President Emeritus, of the Melon Foundation, Bill Bowen, fifteen years ago, and I was just asking which art historians in the country have a real high-level view of higher education. He said; “well, there is one and his name is Dan Weiss. You are going to Hopkins and you are going to meet him. Fifteen years later, I was one of several people who said; “we should get…

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