The First Issue I Selected Is Poverty Essay

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The first topic is Poverty The first issue I selected is poverty since it is an ongoing problem, especially for families in the inner city where poverty percentages increase. This is an important topic to be knowledgeable and aware of since teachers see their students every day for a long period of time. At younger ages it is even more beneficial to know the signs that conclude a child is growing up in an underprivileged home. Teachers may be able to provide certain things like giving children time to eat breakfast or brush their teeth once they are at school. Some vital and common necessities may not be provided at the child’s home so by providing these things at school can improve a child’s well-being and performance. If this is not an option then it is important for teachers to still recognize these children so that they can protect them from bullying. The idea of poor and rich is learned at a young age, but it is defined even more at an older age where groups or cliques develop based on who has the trendiest toys or clothing.

Application There are only so many things you can do to help people in need, because there are already so many organizations in the world to help people for multitudes of things. However, I can still apply the knowledge from this topic into my everyday life by donating to organizations or simply by stopping kids from bullying another kid. Teachers can be extremely proactive and help children by providing some necessities but also by teaching…

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