The First Industrial Revolution : A Change As A European Society

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During the duration of 1850-1914 Europe underwent a drastic change as a European society. The new shift in societal values was a result of new revolutions, urbanization,expansion, and industrialization. The Second Industrial Revolution had been one the greatest causes of these changes, for the revolution had been in progress for the last third of the 19 century and continued into the beginning of the 20th century.The revolution had ended with a very impressive amount of new innovations, and inventions that changed the daily lives of many. From the intellectuals ' minds and new technologies another event arose which also had quite an impact on societal values ; Imperialism in Africa and Asia which came as a result of an increase of new needs in order to match high production and demand as well as to produce money and goods. As the these events came onto the European public new social developments came into place and is most well demonstrated in their “ Consumer Culture”. The Consumer Culture theory states that a culture which is understood as a pattern of beliefs, values, meanings and customs shared by a group of people has a Consumer culture which is a cultural activity of consumption - the act of buying goods or services, without practical or economic factors. In the 19th and 20th century European states went through the period of industrialization and the new imperialism, these two events highly contributed to the great shift in the cultural and societal values…

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