The First Federal Gun Control Law Essay

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The first federal gun control law was added in 1934 by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The first federal gun control law was called the National Firearms Act. Eighty-one years later and the gun control issue have not been solved. One of the reasons that the gun control issue has not been solved is due to the ineffective background check in gun shows, online sales, and at some gun stores. The background check system is ineffective because the mentally unstable and criminals are still able to possess and use guns on a daily basis which will cause harm to innocent people.
There are 280 million guns in America that are privately owned. Every year there are believed to be four million new guns introduced into the market. Also, it is believed that guns are responsible for 30,000 deaths a year. More than half of these deaths are from suicides. Even though there are 30,000 deaths a year from guns, the homicide rate is at the lowest amount that is has been in four decades. One issue that needs to be addressed is that guns are in the hands of the mentally unstable. The mentally unstable cause a large amount of the shootings today and they are not denied on the guns they are receiving due to the background check not being used. Lastly, it is known that tens of millions of gun owners have not created chaos, but are being blamed for the few that have ( Goldberg). Many police chiefs are demanding background checks for the purchase of firearms. They also want records to be used universally across…

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