The First Death Caused By Genetically Modified Food Essay

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In January 2015, the first death caused directly by genetically modified food occurred in a hospital in Madrid, Spain. After eating a recently developed tomato containing fish genes, Juan Pedro Ramos died in the Carlos III Hospital due to anaphylaxis, provoking a violent and lethal allergic reaction. With no medical procedures showing improvement, Ramos died before a full hour had passed at the hospital. Doctors at the Carlos III Hospital tested and analyzed for the cause of his allergic reaction. With a known allergy to seafood, Ramos only ate a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich prior to the reaction. An article by the World News Daily Report stated, “[The doctors] were astonished when they discovered that the tomato he had ingested, not only contained some fish-related allergens, but also some antibiotic resistant genes which had prevented Mr. Ramos’ white blood cell from saving his life.” Most studies have argued that genetically modified (GM) crops currently on the market are safe to eat, however, with further testing, it became evident that the tomato Mr. Ramos ate lacked testing and the lethal risk was unknown before marketing. With copious studies explaining the negative effects of genetically engineered crops and little evidence to prove these crops are safe, companies such as GMOInside and The Institute For Responsible Technology are continuously releasing articles in order to inform the public of the effects this food can have on their lives. Ronnie Cummins, the…

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