The Final Exam Will Be Available Essay

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The Final Exam will be available in Blackboard 4/26-4/29

Prepare to define and state the historical significance for each of the following terms:

The New Deal
Promise that Roosevelt made to the Americans where he combats economic depression trough different programs and stimulus from the government. He prepared the government to get ready in case another depression happens and he did a great job increasing the state intervention. He was such a visionary trying to predict the economic future of the country and work ahead to solve conflicts that where not even there yet.

Dust Bowl
This was the place where the soil dryness was to high that it blew like a dust storm, Northern Texas towns were the most affected.

Four Freedoms
They were the goals that Franklin Roosevelt stipulated in January 6, 1941 where he legally protects Freedom of speech, worship, want and fear. This was accepted with positive eyes by the American community.

Lend-Lease Act
Is an act passed by the Congress in March 1941 that gives power to the President Franklin Roosevelt to sell, transfer, exchange or loan weapons to other countries. It was the way from our government to provide support to other countries that needed better equipment to defend their nations.

Atlantic Charter
Declaration that stated that people from every nation should have the right of chose their government, be free and feel safe. This proposition started by Roosevelt and Churchill. This was their vision of how the after second…

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