The Film Miss Representation Is A Documentary Directed By Jennifer Siebel Newsom

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Introduction: What was the film about?

The Film Miss Representation is a documentary directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom as she is bringing into the world a new life, a daughter and how she feels she can prepare her daughter for what the world offers and how it is portrayed. The film emphasizes how the media portrays women in the media and how women have only a few role models in high positions. The film focuses on various influential women and men and their views on how women need to meet a certain standard. Miss Representation is a demonstration how women are misrepresented by the media, where self-objectification is a crucial issue amongst girls and women. The media limits the perception young girls and women have, often feeling as if that is how they should be, through sexual stereotype and biases. It compares the struggle women have and how they must conform to men ideals or media ideals. The media sets a specific image for women pertaining more to a look or lifestyle. It doesn’t emphasize enough what a woman can potentially overcome and become as a woman of power. The film demonstrates that the media has a very large influence on our perceptions growing up not just for women, but also men and skews our perception as we grow up. Ultimately the media has a large influence on purchasing power, and the ideals that they set forth through our television screen becomes our norm. A phenomenon that has existed and has been forever reoccurring since the early 1900’s where women…

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