The Fight For Education By The Movie Freedom Writers Essay

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The Fight for Education Getting an education is very important in life. Being well educated helps give people opportunities as to what they want to do in their life. By going to school, people are preparing themselves to have a successful future, but in the movie Freedom Writers, students struggle to gain an education because of all the gang violence that surrounds them. Everyday, when they walk outside of their homes, they fear what may happen. To these individuals it is hard to care about learning when the violence constantly turns their world upside down. People close to them get hurt or killed often from gang violence and it affects them and their will to learn. Thanks to the efforts of their determined english teacher Mrs. Gruwell, the students begin the road to a successful learning career. In the movie Freedom Writers, it portrays how gang violence is a major part of some people’s lives, but if given some hope, people can change their path for the better.
Certain locations tend to have more violence and crime than others. Being exposed to gang violence can have multiple, lasting, negative effects on the person and how they interact with their environment. Sometimes people can fall into situations by being threatened. All people have different reasons for doing things to attain power. The men and women that crave power need people behind them to help enforce their ways of living upon others. The people in charge tend to use their people as pawns, as seen in the movie…

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