The Fight Against Hospital Associated Infections Case Study

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The fight against Hospital Associated Infections
Healthcare associated infections (HAI) also known as nosocomial infections is defined by the World Health Organization as infections that occurs on patients while they are receiving care in health care facilities such as hospital or clinics which was no present or incubating at their time of admission (Tan & Olivo, 2015, p. 108). The problem with HAI is that increases the morbidity and mortality of patients to a yearly projection of 1.7 million infections and approximately 100,000 deaths, it also increases patient’s antibiotic resistance and it increases the costs associated with healthcare (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2015). Preventing HAI require both change in staff behavior and change in the healthcare organizations culture. In order to minimize and prevent HAI the whole health care team needs to unite and held each other accountable at every level of care. Healthcare leaders should strive to have a zero percent HAI in their facilities, as it will promote other staff to follow in their footsteps. Effective communication skills are
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Physician Nathan Green, the Director a hospital post-op unit, had a meeting with the Director of Infection Control, they discussed HAI and how to create a plan to prevent them. Dr. Green being a leader decided to take action and involve the nurse manager to help identify people who would like to participate in a team to achieve a zero percent HAI, shortly staff came on board, and took ownership of the issue, with the support of his staff they improve safety measures, and his good intention resulted into tangible results, the unit achieved to have zero percentage HAI for their third quarterly

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