The Fight Against Gun Control Policies Essay

1265 Words Feb 26th, 2016 null Page
The infamous fascist leader Adolf Hitler, who led Germany in World War II, once said, “to conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.” Indeed, without guns, people would be defenseless against any threat. Relevant to Hitler’s statement, criminals within everyday life endanger the people if they lack the means to defend themselves. As true to this ideal of self- defense, the second amendment allows "a well regulated Militia”, as well as “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, [to] not be infringed". It is most certain that the fathers of the constitution had the intention to order to protect our people, militia or no. And with the ineffectiveness of gun control policies combined with the diverse uses of the gun along with the people’s beliefs, it is crucial that such policies not be implemented.
The people’s rights also ought to be respected, and people believe that they ought to have and keep guns. Polls given to gun-owners show the average gun-owner believes that stricter gun laws “will lead to stricter laws that take guns away from citizens”. They also believe that “owning a gun makes them safer”, as well as that “stricter guns laws ‘give too much power to the government over average citizens’”, and most importantly, “gun rights are more important than controlling gun ownership”. With the gun-owners’ opinions displayed in such a fashion, it will be impractical and difficult to take away the guns from them, with a frustrated and unwilling population remaining while…

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