The Fifth M The Fourth Man Essay

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The 12th Man “The 12th Man,” What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear those words? I bet it was the Seattle Seahawks… What if I told you that the Seattle Seahawks did not start the saying ‘The 12th Man’, in fact the Seattle Seahawks do not even own the rights to the name. Could you guess who owns the rights to name? I’ll let you think about it…Today I will discuss the trademark incident involving the Seahawks and why it is important to them, how the Seahawks market the ‘12th Man’, and how they market ‘12th Man’ products. The Seattle Seahawks are forced to pay out money to use the ‘12th Man’ phrase. The official “12th Man” phrase first introduced itself on the Texas A&M campus in 1921 in the school’s newspaper. Eventually the phrase made its way on to the field and the school finally applied for a trademark for specifically “12th Man” on December 26, 1989, which was finalized on September 4, 1990. Although Texas A&M trademarked the phrase in 1990, the Seattle Seahawks were recognizing the 12th man since 1984, on December 15th that same year they retired the number 12 jersey in support of its loyal fan base. The Seahawks recognized the 12th man for 13 years before eyebrows started to raise at Texas A&M due to the fact that the Seahawks started a tradition in the 2003 season of raising a ‘12’ flag before every home game acknowledging the appreciation of their fans. Texas A&M sent to warning letters to the Seahawks, one in 2004 and one in 2005 that the Seahawk…

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