The Field Of Practice : A Social Worker Essay

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Field of practice

Taelor Faulkner

SOCW 2311 – 001

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As a social worker, there is a limitless amount of possibilities when choosing a career to pursue in. One can select a field to practice in based on an interest or their own personal experience. For example, a social worker could have had experience dealing with her grandmother who needed help socially and psychologically. With a desire to accommodate the elderly who obtain problems similar to her grandmother, she could be interested in the field of practice of the elderly and become a gerontological social worker. With the vast number of practices that a social worker can decide to work in, such as criminal justice, persons with disabilities, and mental health, he or she will eventually come to a conclusion to pick a field that is suitable for him or her. Most of these fields are common for social workers to pursue a career in. One that social workers tend to specialize in is the field of practice pertaining to children and youth.

Out of the wide array of fields to pursue a social work career in, children and youth appealed to me the greatest. As stated earlier, people prefer a field based on an interest or one 's own personal experience. I conducted research on this field due to personal experience and my interest in working with children due to my passion for working with children and guiding them considering the fact that they are our future. At first, I was a…

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