The Field Of Music Education Essay

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The field of music education requires many skills outside of teaching techniques and understanding of fundamentals of music. As a music educator, it is imperative that I am able to communicate professionally with my school faculty, parents and other professionals that will play a role in the learning process for my students. Professional communication through writing is a skill that I must continue to work on so that I may be adequately prepared to facilitate the learning process for my future students. As an educator, it is also important that I demonstrate proper writing so that my students may also develop strong communication.

Description In result of fulfilling this plans actions, I will have significant progress in my proofreading and editing skills as well as providing thoughts in a profession style. To adequately achieve the goals set forth this plan will be in two parts to target the fundamentals of writing. This binary plan includes steps that will remain continuous throughout my professional career because it is important to continue learning so that I may be an effective educator. The plan will be arranged by topic of the editing process and professional delivery of thoughts.

Rationale I intended on fulfilling these personal obligations of writing development so that I may have a strong professional presence in music education as well as effective communication with students. If I do not fulfill these obligations, I am failing my future students. They…

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