The Field Of International Human Resource Management Essay

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Companies decide to operate internationally


International Human Resources management is about the organization of human resources while operating globally. According to Schuller and Tarique (2007) ‘’ the field of International Human Resource Management is about understanding, researching, applying and revising activities in their internal and external contexts as they impact the processes of managing human resources in organisations throughout the global environment to enhance the experience of multiple stakeholders’’.
There are different reasons on why companies decide to go internationally. The simple reason is that multinational companies want to be successful in a global market. A company going international outlines their competitiveness, their structure, adaptability, openness and willingness to transmit knowledge and information in new cultures.
From a business strategic perspective, a company decide to operate internationally to be closer to their markets and reduce costs implying transportation or administration. Also the governmental legislation and regulations can be difficult for a business to operate therefore they decide to move the base of a company where the requirements are not strict and doesn’t imply many costs to maintain. The professional developments opportunities, does not exist or are difficult to achieve in some countries therefore the presence of global multinational companies can facilitate the process in developing countries and…

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