The Festive Game ' Secret Santa ' Essay

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The festive game ‘Secret Santa’ is a tradition many different work or friend groups, and even family environments participate in as a fun and inclusive way of gift exchange. However, in some cases this simple tradition can in fact be a burden and can carry negative group influences. This paper is going to discuss how conformity and the way group influence can affect those who choose not to participate in this tradition, whether in their work or friend groups, for personal and sometimes very reasonable motives. Also, we will briefly touch on the impact that group influence has on individuals with their sense of acceptance and comfort within group dynamics.
A 32 year old woman encountered office harassment after refusing to participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange amongst her colleagues. Applonius had started working at her job for four months when she was approached by one of her managers whom was collecting money to purchase a gift for the head manager at her workplace. She was instructed to leave the money sealed in an envelope with her name written on it on her desk. Applonius; who was undergoing financial struggles, spoke with her manager and explained the circumstance that she was undergoing and how she was unable to afford to contribute to the gift for the head manager. Contrary to her expectation of understanding from her manager, she was faced with ridicule and a huffy attitude, along with being told that this was an annual custom that everyone in the office…

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