Essay about The Female Shape Of The All Volunteer Force

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Women have been serving in the armed forces since before the Vietnam War; however, they have not always been recognized. Most men considered women to be invisible and incapable of doing a man’s job. In recent history, presidents and other officials have referred to our “boys in uniform” without giving servicewomen their deserved credit. In the article, “The Female Shape of the All-Volunteer Force” Elizabeth Hillman discusses the vital roles servicewomen played in the United States military.
Around the 1970’s military and political leaders realized that in order to meet their personnel needs they would have to rely on the help on servicewomen. As women started pushing their way into the military, it slowly became more feminized. Women brought in many skills that are known to be “feminine” such as compromise, negotiation, and communication. These skills are all vital when it comes to successfully keeping the peace and military interrogation. Females also brought “female” issues such as promoting healthy families, ending sexual harassment, and preventing sexualized torture to the attention of military task forces and congressional committees. Although the servicewomen had so much to offer the military, most still considered the military as a man’s world and often deemed the military workplace unsafe for women. During the Vietnam War, many servicemen were forced into service instead of volunteering. This lead to many young men enlisting in the Navy or Air Force to avoid being…

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