The Federalists And The Anti Federalists Essays

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It became clear soon after the Articles of Confederation were implemented that the document had certain flaws that weakened the newly created United States. A new document, the Constitution, was drafted to replace the Articles. Many people supported the Constitution, but some disagreed with it. Both the Federalists and the anti-Federalists provided valuable insight into the creation of the Constitution. Some of the arguments presented by the anti-Federalists were that it lacked a Bill of Rights, which would guarantee citizens freedoms; that the strong central government would be unable to govern such a large territory; and that the government that was established was too close to the British system they had just overcome. The supporters of the Constitution then had to consider the document closely and either defend or alter it.
Between 1785 and 1788, the United States was in turmoil. Americans had won independence from Britain, but they suffered unexpected consequences- a post-war economic depression, struggle to adopt a working monetary system, social and economic tensions like those that led to Shay 's Rebellion, and racial tensions between white settlers and black slaves. Amid all of this were cries for a stronger central government. Americans had realized that the government set up by the Articles of Confederation was too weak to be effective. This led to the constitutional convention, held in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where delegates from nine states began…

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