The Fault In Our Stars Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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The Fault in our stars is a fiction book written by John Green that shadows the difficult life of Hazel Grace Lancaster, who suffers with thyroid cancer, and for that reason, she walks around accompanied by an oxygen tank. Hazel squanders her days at home watching TV with her parents, which is why her mom hustles Hazel to attend a cancer support group, to kindle friendships and engage a social life. Even though Hazel was reluctant to attend the support group, she goes anyway to make her parents delighted. Luckily for Hazel, the support group was where she met her first love Augustus Waters, who lost his one of his legs due to osteosarcoma, and his best friend Isaac, who lost his eyes to retinoblastoma. Hazel and Gus immediately connected, …show more content…
However, the book ended up being published two years previously, before the movie, and like numerous books and movies that are based off of one another, there were various similarities and differences between the book and the movie. First off, one of her mom’s motives for casting her away to a support group was to make friends, however, in the book, she already had one friend, Kaitlyn, who was there for Hazel when she had problems with Gus, whereas in the movie, she was all alone until she met Gus. Next, Gus had a girlfriend,Caroline Mathers, before Hazel, who died of brain cancer. The thought of Caroline and Gus consumed Hazel’s mind in the book. Meanwhile, the movie failed to mention Caroline, considering that the movie mainly focused on the love story of Hazel and Gus. One scene in the book that foreshadows Gus’ returning cancer was when the morning before they left, Hazel could hear Gus and his mom quarrelling. However, in the movie, that specific scene didn’t appear and so therefore, while watching, we couldn’t have had any idea that the cancer had returned. Once Hazel had learned Gus’ cancer was back in the book, she was with him everyday and we were able to see the struggle that was happening to Gus and his family in deep details, including when Gus peed in bed considering he couldn’t have control over his own body. Despite the exceedingly painful and stressful scenes that we read on the pages, the movie decided to leave out Gus’ health declining for off screen so we weren’t able to see how appalling Gus’ health was becoming. Throughout the hard time, Isaac and Hazel would rely on each other indefinitely throughout the book, they would play video games and hang out together constantly. The book reflected about Isaac and how there were always there for each other, and in the movie, Isaac wasn’t giving as much screen time and therefore we assumed

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