The Fast Food Industry Essay

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Recently the fast-food industry has been under the microscope of the public because their workers have started a debate on whether or not to raise the minimum wage to $15 and the impact of their food has on their consumers. In addition, to the quality of the food, they severed, the government has set forward regulations that required chain restaurants to display nutrition labeling. The media consistent coverage of the obesity pandemic in the United States and the rising cost of health care cost has consumers making better choice on the food they eat. These impacts over the past decade has started to erode the demand for fast food.
The fast food industry has been around over three decades. It started in 1954 when a visionary named Ray Kroc who stumbled on a revolutionary idea at a small but successful restaurant owned by two brothers named Dick and McDonald. This business purchased multi-blenders from him in order to speed up their business. The two brother’s business model consisted of a limited menu of burgers, fries, and beverages which allowed them to focus on quality and service.
During this period, there were other brand names like A&W Root Beer and White Castle. When these companies first started out in 1921 the transit system was being born along with the popularity of the automobile. Once the automobile became affordable to most American’s and they started to travel more frequently, the demand for quicker food started.
Ray Kroc had the vision to build a…

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