How Did Ray Kroc Change America

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Ray Kroc and Fast-Food Franchising
Ray Kroc was a multi milkshake mixer salesman who then became an american businessman. McDonald’s was one of the first restaurant to be considered a fast-food franchise. Franchising is all about business. Life before fast-food made preparation of food a low process. Kroc wanted his idea of franchising fast-food to go global.
Ray Kroc had an impact on America by creating the global franchise in the fast food industry. Kroc was a multi milkshake mixer salesman that struggled to make profit of these machines. He tried to sell them at drive-in restaurants. One day he got a call from a restaurant called McDonald’s and they wanted eight of theses milkshake mixers. Ray Kroc went to the location of the restaurant in San Bernardino, California. He was really impressed on how fast his food came. In his past at the drive-in restaurants, he always waited twenty to thirty minutes waiting on his food. After his wait, his food would end up being wrong.
The McDonald brothers, Mac and Dick McDonald, gave Ray Kroc a tour of the operation. Once he knew how the “Speedy System” worked, he wanted to franchise the glorious fast-food stand.
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He wanted McDonald’s to expand across the country. He had a future that would change the world. He introduced the operation all around the world. At one point he did have McDonald’s make milkshakes without using milk. The product was called Insta-Mix. They originally put milk back in milkshakes during the 1980’s. McDonald’s was one of the first fast-food restaurants to have a thirty second speed system. “It is the story of how the McDonald brothers, Richard and Maurice, developed the first mechanised burger restaurant system which churned out ‘fast food’ in 30 seconds to the delight of its customers and then, how the almost washed up salesman Kroc, upon discovering this revolutionary restaurant, convinced the cautious brothers to franchise”

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